Bike Helmets

Yesterday my husband and I were out enjoying the weather by taking a walk around the neighborhood. We completed our walk by walking past an apartment building where a few kids were playing outside. One of the girls came up to us excited to show off her new bike she received for her 6th birthday (Guess she never learned about not talking to strangers). Noticing her helmet lying on the pavement I asked why she wasn’t wearing her helmet. Her response, “Its ok, I don’t need to wear it. Mom said I’m hard-headed just like my paps.”


Booster Seat Safety

I was going in to work early, and my daughter was 5 at the time. I needed to take her to a baby sitter that lives about 20 minutes away. As we got into the car, she asked, "Mom, can I sit in the front seat, please?" I almost relented, but then I remembered the two lane highway we had to go up. I told her no, and put her in her booster seat, in the back middle position.

It was one of those days where I almost gave in to her. As we were headed up the road at 55 mph, I noticed another car coming the opposite direction start to drift over into my lane. The driver continued to go over off the road and came back up in my lane of travel and hit us almost head on at 60 mph. She hit us on the passenger front side, right where my daughter would have been sitting.

I was an EMT for 6 years and know first hand, people don't walk away from these kinds of accidents. But, my daughter did!

All airbags deployed, including front and side airbags, and the suv I was driving was a total loss.
I look back on that day, and think if I had just given in, she could have been severely injured. Such a small decision had a huge impact on not only my life, but my daughters as well.
As it was, she had minor brusing from the seat belt. That day I got to watch my daughter walk away from a horrific accident.

I still get nervous driving up that road, but I know that I made the right choice that day.
My daughter now advocates for every child to sit in the back. She has gotten the importance of it, and she's only 7. She often asks me about her friends when they ride in front, and why they do it.


Buckle Up For Love

I found this facebook- what a great idea to help keep kids safe!

"If you see an unrestrained child in a moving motor vehicle, report the Utah license plate number and the details of what you saw at:


The Utah Safety Council will remind the vehicle owner to Buckle Up for Love!"

Safe Kids Utah - May 2010 Newsletter

Safe Kids Utah just released their May 2010 newsletter. Check out the link to read it.

Fire Safety

USFA Parents.org has some great tips and activities to teach your child about fire safety.

Women killed in rollover, three children survived

Found this article at ksl.com. I think this goes to show why it is so important that you buckle up your children while in the car.

Woman killed in rollover
May 19th, 2010 @ 10:40pm

TREMONTON, Utah (AP) -- A Colorado woman is dead but her three young children have survived after their pickup truck rolled on Interstate 84 west of Tremonton.

Utah Highway Patrol troopers say the 23-year-old woman from Meeker, Colo., was driving west on I-84 about 3 p.m. Wednesday when the vehicle veered into the center median and swerved back onto the highway before crashing and rolling over.

They say she wasn't wearing a seat belt but remained inside the vehicle with her three children.
The 4-year-old boy, 2-year-old girl and a 9-month-old boy were all secured in the vehicle and received only minor injuries.
Officials are withholding the woman's name until other family members are notified.

Information from: Deseret News
(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


Power Window Strangulation

Who would have thought that power windows could be so dangerous! Another reason not to leave your kids alone in the car.